Ponomarenko Vasyl Olexandrovych
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv 
Astronomical Observatory
04053, Kyiv, 3 Observatorna str.
Теl. +38 (044) 486-26-91, +38 (066) 483-36-11

Mozghovyi Olexandr Vasylovych
Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky State Pedagogical University of Vinnytsia
21100, Vinnutsia, 32 Ostrozkogo str.
Теl. +38 (0432) 27-69-73,  +38 (050) 032-51-37


Scientific and Local Organizing Committees of the International Churyumov readings “COMETS, ASTEROIDS, METEORS, METEORITES, ASTROBLEMES, CRATERS” (CAMMAC-2020) are  pleased to invite you to attend  the  Conference, which will  be  held in  Vinnytsia (Ukraine) November 17 19, 2020. The Conference will be held at the Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky State Pedagogical University of Vinnytsia (Vinnytsia city, street Ostroz’skogo, 32) and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Astronomical Observatory, Kyiv city, street Observatorna, 3).

International Churyumov readings CAMMAC-2020 will be held in an online format on the Zoom platform.

Deadline for registration and abstract submission: November 8, 2020.

Registration fee: Free

(but if you want to get the Book of Abstracts, then registration fee: 60 UAH)

The working languages at the CAMMAC conference are Ukrainian, English and Russian

Please inform about the International Churyumov readings CAMMAC-2020 your colleagues which are interested in problems of the Conference.

Topics of the Conference

New results on comets, asteroids, meteors, meteorites, astroblems and craters on the surfaces of the planets, their satellites and the small bodies of the Solar System: physics, dynamics, interrelations, evolution, origin, space missions and some selected problems of astrophysics. Accepted papers on physics and kinematics of small bodies in the Solar System, the physics of the Sun and planets, physics of stars and galaxies, as well as methods of teaching astronomy.

Organizing Committees

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

Chair: V.F. Zabolotny  (Ukraine), V.M. Efimenko (Ukraine)
Vice-chairs: O.V. Mozghovyi (Ukraine), R.Ya. Belevtsev (Ukraine), A.A. Valter (Ukraine)

Committee Members:
S.M. Andrievsky (Ukraine), L.F. Chernogor (Ukraine), A. Guliev (Azerbaijan), O.V. Ivanova (Slovak Republic), V.N. Kryvodubsky (Ukraine), D.F. Lupishko (Ukraine), S.V. Podolyanchuk (Ukraine), A.P. Vidmacenko (Ukraine), O.O. Zheleznyak (Ukraine)

Local Organizing Commitee (LOC)

Chair: O.V. Mozghovyi
Vice-chairs: V.P. Dumenko
Secretary: O.S. Ksedzova
Committee Members:
I.V. Lukyanyk, V.O. Ponomarenko, A.M. Mozgova, A.I. Bilyuk, M.O. Moklyuk, O.V. Kuzmynsky



Registration & Abstract submission

Abstracts submission.

Materials (up to two pages of A5) must be typed in MS Word (font Times New Roman, font size - 11 pt, spacing - single, margins 1.5 cm). The name must submit capital letters on the center line. Then the interval - the name (s) and initial (s), organization, city, country, e-mail (optional). Before the text should miss another line.

Attation: File size must be up to 2 Mb!!!